SHARE Celebrates 30 Years

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of Project SHARE, The Salvation Army’s utility assistance program in Georgia. In 1985, The Salvation Army and Georgia Power partnered to establish Project SHARE to provide emergency assistance for the elderly, families and other Georgians facing crisis situations. Since then, this unique corporate/non-profit partnership has provided more than $80 million in necessary assistance.30YRgrfx

Each year SHARE assists more than 40,000 people affected by illness, job loss or other unfortunate circumstances. SHARE can maintain or restore utility service or even help families continue living together in their home. Project SHARE often helps make the difference for those who are facing disastrous consequences only for lack of limited, temporary assistance.

The Project SHARE partnership has grown to include most Georgia Electric Membership Corporations, Gas South, Atmos Energy, and several municipal utilities. This partnership enables us to offer assistance in every county in Georgia and several counties in North Carolina and Florida served by Georgia utilities.

UtilPartnersThese utility partners encourage their customers to enroll in SHARE through small automatic monthly donations in their utility bill payments. Some donors also choose to contribute larger amounts directly to the program. In either case, every tax-deductible dollar reaches Project SHARE. Each individual gift is earmarked specifically for the county from which it was raised. Georgia Power shareholders are also extraordinarily generous in matching every dollar donated by their customers whether contributed through power bill payments or directly to SHARE by check in any amount.

Georgians in need can apply through their local Salvation Army’s social services office or through one of our partnering agencies (see Where To Apply for the office serving your county).

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