Special Program Serves Natural Gas Customers in 2012

Project SHARE is “Doing The Most Good” in 2012 serving Georgia’s natural gas customers, continuing a special program begun in 2011. The SHARE/PSC Natural Gas program is the result of an agreement made with the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC), who provided the funding through a generous $1 million grant early last year.

Since the program began in March of 2011, over 1300 payments have been made on behalf ofGeorgia’s low-income population. These payments, totaling more than $233,000 to date, allowed these families to catch up on their natural gas bills and in many cases prevented loss of service.

The work continues uninterrupted in 2012. The application process remains the same except that the new 2012 HHS Federal Poverty Guidelines are now providing the benchmark for the “low-income” designation (the 2011 Guidelines were used previously). In short, to apply for assistance through the SHARE/PSC program:

* Client must apply through the local SHARE case-management office
* Client must meet the standard SHARE eligibility guidelines
* Client must be seeking help with their AGLC Pipeline Marketer account
* Client must qualify as “low-income”, as defined by this chart
* Client is limited to a maximum of $300 in assistance per household


The SHARE/PSC program is expected to provide assistance to low-income Georgians through the end of 2012, but will be extended into 2013 if funds remain available. Official notice will be published here prior to closing the program.

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